6 Must Watch Movies On The Global Crisis

If you haven’t been in a coma the last couple of years, then you might have noticed that the economy is crashing, food and gas prices are on the rise, and if people weren’t protesting in your city square, then they were protesting in one close by. However, as shown by the following 6 films, these instances and many others are tightly interconnected, and there are people looking into what’s causing them, where they’re leading humanity, and what can be done about them.


The present & future forecast of the world’s problems, & how they’re forcing humanity into a new era, through the lens of Michael C. Ruppert

Collapse [Film]

Meltdown: The Secret History Of The Global Financial Collapse

The 2008 financial crash and the events that followed revealed humanity’s tight global interconnectedness & interdependence

Meltdown: The Secret History Of The Global Financial Collapse [Movie]

Blind Spot

Peak oil’s complex multi-crisis & its challenge upon a society rooted in generations of self-interest values

Blind Spot [Film]

Inside Job

How the commonly held value of “maximize your profit” led to the 2008 financial crisis

Inside Job [Film]

Earth 2100

Crises unfold integrally, not individually, exceeding national & disciplinary borders, & forcing humanity to adopt a global approach to solving them

Earth 2100 [Film]

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

The realization of the negative influence of a society that prominently values individual self-interest upon human development & the need to build a new kind of social influence that promotes people’s well-being

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward [Film]

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