Author Charles Eisenstein Says Occupy Wall St. Is A Different Type Of Revolution

The system isn’t working for the 1% either. You know, if you were a CEO, you would be making the same choices they do. Institutions have their own logic. Life is pretty bleak at the top too; and all the baubles of the rich – they’re kind of this phony compensation for the loss of what is really important: the loss of community, the loss of connection, the loss of intimacy, the loss of meaning.”

That statement was made by Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, in the below video, which was made as part of a documentary film project in the works titled Occupy Love. The film asks the question: “how are the economic and ecological crises we are facing today a great love story?”

Watch Occupy Wall St – The Revolution Is Love [5 min.]:

Highlighted quotes from the video:

As More People Wake Up, The Easier It Is To Change

I think now, as more and more people wake up to the truth, that we’re here to give, and wake up to that desire, and wake up to the fact that the other way isn’t working anyway; the more reinforcement we have from people around us that this isn’t crazy, this makes sense, this is how to live.

And as we get that reinforcement, our minds and our logic no longer have to fight against the logic of the heart which wants us to be of service. This shift of consciousness which inspires such things is universal in everybody – the 99% and the 1%. And it’s awakening in different people in different ways.”

The Felt Experience Of Connection

An economist says that the more for you is essentially less for me, but the lover knows that the more for you is more for me, too. If you love somebody then their happiness is your happiness; their pain is your pain.

Your sense of self expands to include other beings. That’s love. Love is expansion of the self to include the other. And that’s a different kind of revolution: there’s no one to fight, there’s no ‘other’ in this revolution.

Everyone has a unique calling and it’s really time to listen to that. That’s what the future is going to be. It’s time to get ready for it, help contribute to it and make it happen.”

Click here for more information about the film Occupy Love

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