We are born with an innate need to unite, which is the plan of Nature – a single force controling the entire universe, all of us, all creation. Our world is a modern Babylon and its turning into one whole, completely interconnected, regardless of borders, countries, continents, nations, races, and religions. Our interdependence is growing so strong that it will soon eliminate all these barriers.

On the other hand, our egoism remains and continues to develop. Because of this, we hate each other even more. We repel each other; we think only of ourselves, subconsciously and instinctively. We don’t consider others and  use them maximally for our own profit. This is our nature.

During the present and last stage of our evolution, when this huge egoistic society has become global, we have depleted all the natural resources and sources of: energy, oil, coal, gas, water, minerals, and metals. Everything is coming to an end. Even if we wish to keep cultivating our egoistic potential, it won’t be possible.

The consumer society that developed during the 20th century has exhausted itself, stripping the Earth of all resources, and as a result, we cannot continue to live as we have. We have reached such confrontation with each other and the environment that it forces us to do something.

Humanity has become a rampant virus and is not beginning to realize it. Revolutions are taking place in different countries; we see how communication and connection between people urges them to demand change. However, we still do not understand how or why this is happening in such synchronicity.

In this state of confusion, not being able to understand our next stage, we must start studying the laws mutual responsibility that underlie the laws of nature and become an integrated humanity in the new, integrated world.


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