How to Live in a New World

First, it is impossible to manage in the new world when each one thinks only about oneself. We have to think about everyone. There is no other choice. This is nature’s law that is being revealed in our times.

Second, every member of society should be concerned about others like organs in one body. In the global world, we need not build egoistic systems for media, governments, social systems, health care, education, etc., which today do not care about what happens to others. What we need to be concerned with is how to build a healthy person in a healthy society. All the systems should be focused on this purpose. This means that there must be one general plan.

The leaders of society must understand that we need to integrate and embrace mutual responsibility, and use our voices and votes to insist on this. Otherwise, each will continue with his protectionism, which will lead to opposition to and destruction of nature.

We should aspire for this same mutually beneficial relationship to exist in the family, children’s education, neighborhoods, cities, nations, and the whole world. This means that we don’t have to develop separate, specific systems for education, culture, and health, but rather we need to work in circles, moving from small circles to wider ones, and eventually encompassing all of humanity.

We have to restructure all international organizations differently, so that this will be their goal and how they aim all their activity at. All the laws in the world should reflect its integrated nature, so that integrality becomes the essential law of our existence. The leadership, courts, and systems for human rights should be aimed only at that.

What stems from the integrative laws influences all spheres of our lives, including factories, companies, and businesses. If a business doesn’t match the essential production system, it is like a splinter that enters a body and infects and harms the whole body.

This is a totally new perception according to which no one has the right make exorbitant profits off of others. Instead, we can discover that it is good business to work together to mutual advantage for everyone involved. This is totally opposite to our present approach and everything will change according to it.


Awaken Your Caring for the Whole World – Within You

How can we start caring for the whole world and feel it inside our hearts?

We all exist on one globe, in one circular, closed system, and it is impossible to selectively care for just one part of it, as one would care only about his arm or leg and not care about the rest of the body. Nothing exists “partially” in Nature.

If a person does not care for the common system, the whole of mankind as his body, he does not care for himself. We just have to open our eyes and see that the world is an imprint of what we have inside.
Therefore, the aim isn’t for “me to start caring for the world,” but to open my eyes and see the truth in order to understand that caring for the world and caring for myself is the exact same caring.

This is the inner revolution we have to go through. When a person begins connecting with others and identifying himself with what is outside of his self interest that he previously identified with, then this inner revolution occurs. This blindness and deception are the reason for all the anger, hate, bigotry, and crises we see now.


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