Interconnected Networks – The Modern Day Norm For Understanding The Organization Of Information And Social Interactions

Manuel Lima, senior UX design lead at Microsoft Bing, shows how interconnected networks are increasingly becoming the modern day norm for understanding the organization of information and social interactions, and as a result, visualized networks are increasing in popularity as cultural memes.

In An Interconnected Network, If One Element Changes, The Whole Network Changes

As shown in the above video, a defining factor of an interconnected network is that if one of its elements changes, that change affects the whole network and thus the whole network changes. Accordingly, a collapse in one part of the network clearly causes all the other parts to be affected by it, as is most painfully and obviously exemplified by the global financial crisis.

Thus, this interconnected network perspective of understanding the organization of social interactions clearly shows the need for mutual responsibility as a leading social value.

When Will Commonly Accepted Social Values Grow To Harness The Interconnected Network Perspective In Human Relationships?

As knowledge advances to harness the interconnected network outlook on every area of life, the  social values that characterize “the world of the past” – individualism, maximizing profits and self-interest – and their methods of stratification and protectionism still prevail in human society.

  • What will it take for society at large to realize how living to satisfy one’s individual interests is an outdated way of living, which leads to increasing crisis?
  • Moreover, is it possible that the flourishing knowledge of interconnected networks could start penetrating and reformatting the way human beings relate to each other, before facing another crisis tipping point?

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