Patch Adams’ Revolution

There is little point in discussing the way each one of us should change, since everybody is shaped by their immediate environment: family, school, and society. If, however, we begin to act as if we are playing a pleasant game called “altruism”, it will become the most engaging and profound game we have ever played – a life-changing one, which is so much fun that we will gladly dedicate all our free time to building a good environment, founded on mutual responsibility. And our ego will have no choice but to release us to this task, since all it cares about is feeling pleasure.

This shouldn’t require much effort for it is easy to change when motivated by each other’s support. We need only agree to mutual responsibility, which is our “red carpet” to the future we all desire, the reality of balance, peace, prosperity, and security. Responsibility is an ability to choose how we respond to our egoism, and at this stage of our individual and collective evolution we are required to start using it to serve our common interest. 

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