The Pig of Happiness

The Pig of Happiness

In order to try to increase by however small amount the world’s reserves of happiness, if it touches you – please share it so that together we can spread the love quietly, gently person-to-person – that’s what internet is good at, isn’t it?…

–The Pig of Happiness: An original animated film by Edward Monkton. Watching it is likely to make you a happier person. Sharing it with your friends is likely to make them happier too. So spread the love & press play.

Voice by Geoffrey Palmer
Animation by Andy Veasey for Essence
Music by Simon Bass
Sound by Zak Kurtha and Scott Marshall for Angel’s Egg
Post Production by Essence
Produced by Giles Andreae

Image: "Peppa Pig and sisters" by Riccardo Palazzani

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