The Butterfly Circus

Transformation Of The Heart

Blow after blow, we rise from the ashes of our never-dying ego. At times, there is an impression that a collapse is imminent, and then it seems that everything is going to be okay. Only through such gradual, step-by-step development do we become aware that we must change.

The internal collapse we don’t wish to experience but are all subject to is necessary solely in order to pull us out of our own swamp, elevate us, and force us to start thinking. As a matter of fact, a consistent painful experience is but a persistent call to change.  All trials and tribulations gradually pull a person out of himself, meaning out of his or her ego.

With each new step “out of ourselves” that we take, we process another type of egoism, its greater part. Repeated blows to the ego still don’t let us feel the difference and realize that with each time, our egoism goes through greater transformation and teaches us about who we are. It is extremely diverse and adapts to any situation. It always seeks how to benefit…

There is nothing accidental; nothing happens just “because”. Egoism helps us to evolve, and therefore, we cannot skip the stages of our development until the ego reaches its height and alters, or rather, transforms in order to use its own energy to act altruistically – for the good of all. But before we are conscious and mature enough to realize our altruistic potential, we have to swallow every pill, which is the only way to learn. There is no other option.

Then, when we look back on our painful experiences, we are able to comprehend what was required for the transformation of the heart to occur. And it only be achieved through human connection, merging with the hearts of others.


  1. Beautifully said Brian Lee. I can feel the pain in your heart as I do your hope and visions of a different future, where we are all one, fulfilling the purpose of our existence. LIke you, we strongly believe that this is humanity’s next evolutionary degree. It simply needs to happen, otherwise, there is no place for us here. And that is why we created Mutual Responsibility, so that people like you would not only share in our vision of the future, but also help build it. After all, if it’s not us who realize it, than who else?

    I’m a creative director here at MR. I see that you’re a fellow creative. If you feel that you would like to help out and get involved, please email me at and we can go from there. I’m very glad you came to our website and that it made you feel what you felt. Hope to speak with you sometime.

    Much love

  2. Today I was in Harvard Sq. in Cambridge, MA. I met a woman named Ilana who gave me a pamphlet that directed me to this website. I watched The Butterfly Circus video and wept greatly and profoundly because it showed me how things should be, something I already know. So much violence and hatred in our society, so much confusion and misunderstanding, so many twisted agendas. Where is the outrage? Where is the call for change that should ring from every throat? We are ONE people, not a collection of nations or religions or cultures, we are ALL citizens of one planet and (as far as I know) the only sentinent life in the universe. Is there no way that we can all live in PEACE? Can we not ressuerect compassion and empathy for each other? I am an artist and being such I feel it is my resposnsibility to attempt to enlighten and inform those around me as to what our true purpose is on this planet, we need CARE and CONCERN and COMPASSION and EMPATHY and LOVE for ALL our brothers and sisters and a POSITIVE EDUCATION to bring the CHANGE to this world that we so desprately need if we are to survive, not just for ourselves but for the generations that will follow. I am not Ghandi or Jesus, I can not provide a soultion (would that I could) but I do see what needs to be done and the very hard work which needs to be applied by us all, it must start from within. If I can be of help in this great struggle please let me know as I am ready and able to do whatever small thing I can to bring about the change we NEED. Thank you for that video and thank you for caring, feel free to contact me if I can be of assistence. Peace and Blessings always, Brian Lee Hale

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