The Green Beautiful

The crisis is occurring in the family called humanity. By repairing our relationship, we would resolve all problems life is presenting us with. There are some amazing studies, which assert that if people were to start treating each other like family then even nature, climate, and other natural phenomena would also normalize.

Today many scientists are already discovering a connection between human society and other levels of nature: the still, vegetative, and animate. We need to explain to ourselves that we have no choice; we must come to negotiations and mutual understanding on a global scale. This is the first thing we must do.

There are also laws of inner, human nature: a person’s psychology, the psychology of the society and the family, relationships between parents and children, and relationships between children. It is necessary to know the psychology of all human relations, human animal nature: the small and the big, parents and children, the old and the young, all the human layers, in all directions. If I know human nature and the way to fix the relationships between us, I will be able to build a human society where everyone will be comfortable and happy.

Everyone will have to compromise. After all,everyone wants to be respected and admired. On the other hand, if we were to educate a person that one benefits and gains respect, support, and assistance when he is on equal terms with others, then he would gladly accept this. A person will see that in a system where everyone depends on each other things cannot be any other way.

It is clear that the human ego will constantly try to fight it and will wish to rule over others. To balance it, there is such a powerful instrument as public opinion. After all, it is the society who influences and educates us. Public opinion and the influence of society are the dominant and binding factors in forming a human being.



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