The Story Of One

By Irinaru

My dear souls, behold your story:
How eons ago you fell from your glory
And crushed in abyss and broke in sparks,
And darkness swallowed one loving heart…
We lost our memory, lost our wholeness,
And got entranced in the ego’s call,
It gave us orders, it sang lullabies,
“Hey mortals, go reproduce, survive!”
We took its course, we did as it told,
We sold each other for a pinch of gold.
We ran for pleasures, we killed and stole,
We threw the others against the wall…
The time ran out; there is no more-
Today tsunami, tomorrow – war!
Wake up, my siblings! Dig out your sparks!
Dust off your wings; link-in your hearts!
My dear souls, remember your story-
We fell in this world to live for bestowal!
We’re good for nothing but only that,
So, saddle your ego and make your bet!
Unsheathe your sword made of love and light,
Attack your hatred, come out and shine –
Shine for the others, to them be true;
Heal them, show them the loving you!
And then, when all of us do the same,
We’ll earn the right to be one again…


art by Alexander


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