Where Is the Love

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  1. I am trying not to be ignorant and learn why we are who we are and who I am specifically. I am sure there are others who have the same questions I have below.
    I would agree that we don’t love each other enough. But “hatred that reigns among us” – I am not sure. There are some people like that, but as a general rule, I don’t think so.
    Where does this come from – “…We first feel hatred, rejection and separation from others when we discover our complete dependence on others…? How does this aligned with Nature? It is a part of a human nature to live, survive, build, excel collectively. That is a reason why we achieved the level of progress we have right now. Do we do everything right? No! But we are searching for it. I personally don’t know one person who rationally says I hate and reject you because I am dependent. I don’t see reports from anywhere in the world we singles segregate themselves to leave alone. That disproves the hatred and rejection and proves the opposite.
    What does it mean – need to fulfill others through himself? Do you make everyone a best friend or open your arms to one knowing that it will damage your relationships with another? Do you run to everyone who says “Help” or give money to as many as you can if they think they need it? Or the act of fulfillment would be all of the above?
    Yes, we need to co-live together regardless of gender or color. I hate the word co-exist. “Existing” suggests more like surviving instead of living and progressing.
    Yes, we need to be more companionate and attentive and carrying to the nature and one another. But what it truly means for each of us is defined within each of us.

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