A New Kind Of Capitalism

It is becoming increasingly clear that no economic program or transaction can be successful without taking humanity into consideration. Today, if I want to make a successful deal with someone, my new thinking should be: “What would be good for my business in the “round”, integrated, common world? Perhaps I should make sure my business is good for everybody…”

A business can be successful on a condition that I am concerned about other people and their families as much as I am care about my own. If we realize that to live well means to “feed each other”,  that I wouldn’t be able to find a piece of bread unless you brought it to me and you would not be able to feed yourself unless I gave you a piece of cake, then we would gladly agree to stat doing just that – caring for all as we care of ourselves.

We need to acknowledge that the world has changed and requires for us to re-consider our egoistic ways; we have to take into consideration that we must contribute to the world and prepare ourselves for this new world through global education. A new economy will not work unless its aim is global and integrative, in line with producing goods and services for the benefit of the whole world.

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