This Crisis Is Different

This Crisis Is Different

  • The observation that recoveries following a financial crisis are different suggests that standard macroeconomic policies might not work as one would usually expect…
  • On balance, it thus seems that this time – or, rather, this post-crisis environment – really is different, and that macroeconomic policies have done little to improve matters…”

— Daniel Gros, Director of Center for European Policy Studies, in the Project Syndicate article, “This Recovery Is Different.”

Today’s Crisis Renders Political Leaders & Financial Experts Helpless

Indeed political leaders, financial and economical experts seem desperately helpless in the face of the deepening crisis all over the world.

In Europe, for example, they switch from austerity to stimulus, and then back and forth. In the US, there is sharp debate about more market freedom or more State control, interest rates are lowered to even minus levels like in Denmark, but overall nothing seems to work.

All the debate and analysis is touching only the surface, the symptoms. It does not extend deeper trying to identify the core problem.

How Is It Possible That The Methods & Tools That Drove Progress Until Today Turn Out To Be Useless, Moreover Harmful?

Every day, the news increasingly exemplifies how the globally interconnected economy affects every country in the world, but when it comes to implementing solutions to global problems, no leaders or experts know how to do it.

A global, integral system means that all the elements are tightly intermingled with each other. When one part of the network moves, the whole network moves with it. All the elements are fully interdependent.

Today’s globally interdependent conditions are still being approached by methods and tools developed in the past, which  were built for a world unlike today’s. In the past, tight global interconnectedness was not taken into account, and thus fragmented, protectionist, self calculating and many times exploitative measures proved to be successful. However, as the world today heads into a new integral era, those same methods and tools have become cancer-like, running down the whole system and making success look like a bleak objective.

Global Scale Problems Require Global Scale Solutions

For a solution that works, people around the world will need to first understand how the protectionist and self calculating attitudes that have been at the core of modern upbringing and education, which seemed to offer success in the past, lead only to increasing problems.

Secondly,  people will need to learn about what living in today’s new globally interdependent conditions means for each and every person, and become motivated to rise above the previous thinking that considers only the success of individual people, organizations and nations, to a thinking that considers a truly global scale success.

With a full understanding about today’s globally interconnected conditions – how these conditions came about, what are today’s problems, what is their source, how should these conditions be optimally related to in order to reach globally interconnected solutions – it could become clear to each and every human being that the health, prosperity and future of every individual directly depends on the health, prosperity and future of the total, unified network.

Image: “humanity street – Voxefx” by Vox Efx.

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