A Glimpse Into The New World

One may ask, “How do we help to bring this new integrated world about, where everybody willingly accepts and joyfully follows the law of interdependence and mutual responsibility?”

It has to start with a motivation to study ourselves: what it means to be a complete human being, what the correct environment is, and how we can influence one another favorably – in a manner that is good for everyone.

To accomplish that, each of us must become a self-observing scientist, an analyst who studies him or herself as a unique contributor to the common happiness, and the society as a whole – as the most natural, nurturing element necessary for raising a wholesome human being. This requires that we first learn how to get along and co-exist with others and know how to prevent mindless, impulsive conflicts, fraught with total destruction.

The entire history of human development was propelled by the notion that some new social, political, or economic system would serve us better than the previous one. If that’s true, why are we still not living in the happy future, after we’ve tried all known paradigms? The answer is – they all failed. Hence, these days humanity finds itself at odds with what used to be the ultimate goal – pleasure. It simply became too hard to reach. Today, we are more apathetic than anxious, disillusioned than hopeful, drained of ambition and ideals.

Clearly, our next evolutionary state must be fundamentally different from the current one, which brings us hardly any satisfaction, but is replete with disappointment, frustration, and fatigue. We are no longer thrilled with this world. It has become so corrupt and saturated by our egos that by obeying them, we are placing ourselves and each other in great danger.

We are becoming increasingly aware that there is nothing in this world to build on. Marriage, friendship, work, government – these anchors of human life are shaken and have nearly collapsed, which prompts us to seek how to reform, rebuild them so as to make these essential social rudiments match the structure of the harmonious world we all desire. Therefore, as we evaluate our lives and count disappointments, let’s try to view it as a transition into the new life and opportunity to change.

This is a special time indeed, as we zoom down the road to a brand new world. The signs are getting clearer as we approach a future where we feel interconnected, equal, like one great family whose members are mutually responsible and therefore prosperous and happy.

It serves us to study the rules of the road – this new world’s laws – so we can transition from childhood to maturity smoothly and painlessly. Until now, we were evolving by Nature’s push, being programmed with new desires and forced to actualize them.

This is no longer the case. As we stare down the blind alley – the egoistic self – we must assess our next step with a new, altruist attitude: What is our next destination and how will we get there? Unlike our previous, instinctive behaviors in times of transition, today’s shift requires our conscious participation. Instead of being blind passengers rowing down the river of life, we must assume the driver’s seat in this evolutionary process.

For the first time in history, Nature is demanding that all of us, without exception achieve complete comprehension of who we are, the world we live in, and why we are in it to begin with. Our primary duty is to understand and know the essence of life, if we wish to be truly human.

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  1. Great reading. Touches and makes me think. Thank you. Looking forward for new articles.

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