Children See, Children Do

This video illustrates what our future may look like, depending on the examples we give to others.

Children learn by example, and so do adults.

This knowledge is true power, but have we been using it for good or bad?

Children See, Children Do

“Children learn by trying to do something, by failing, and by being told about or by copying some new behavior that has better results. This perspective is founded on the simple but central insight that children are trying to do something rather than to know something. In other words, they are learning by doing.” – Dr. Roger Schank, from Engines for Education

“The idea of public education depends absolutely on the existence of shared narratives and the exclusion of narratives that lead to alienation and divisiveness. What makes public schools public is not so much that the schools have common goals but that the students have common gods. The reason for this is that public education does not serve a public. It creates a public.” – Dr. Neil Postman, from The End Of Education

“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” – H.G Wells

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