Observing The Law Of Interdependence

For decades, leading scientists have been trying to explain to us Nature’s law of interdependence, which also includes us, humans. And because of that law, we cannot keep avoiding one another. On the contrary, our interdependence is constantly growing – moment to moment, day to day.

Historians and economists warn against nations adopting policies of protectionism and isolation in an effort to secure them from the harms of the global crisis by disconnecting themselves from one another.

These warnings are valid because they are based on thorough knowledge of history, which shows that such attempts oppose the trajectory of human development that dictates for us to seek each other’s company. So it has been since humanity’s dawn. Yet, our desire for isolation and independence, the culmination of our egoistic growth, has led us to the global crisis we are experiencing today.

This begs a question: Is it really to our benefit? After all, perhaps Nature is steering us toward a new and better life, while we, humankind, keep stomping our feet in a stubborn tantrum – we want what we want and we want it now, regardless of what it is going to cost. In other words, to know and ignore the truth about our collective predicament is similar to knowing and ignoring the laws of physics: being aware of gravity and still jumping off a roof leads to a predictable consequence – we’ll get hurt!

All our technological and scientific achievements, along with the theoretical and experiential knowledge we have accumulated over the course of history, had but one simple objective: to learn the laws of Nature so we could become its master and use it to our benefit.

To use the previous example with the law of gravity—not only have we learned to avoid its harmful aspect (falling down and getting hurt) but we also applied it to various areas of life: construction, transportation, and so on. Similarly, Nature’s laws can be applied to repair our relationships, the broken human connection between people, societies, and nations.

The deeper our knowledge of the laws of Nature, particularly laws pertaining to environment, society, individual and social psychology, the more correctly we can carry them out and quickly and efficiently fix the broken bonds tying us together. The only other option is to initiate a “divorce”, with all that it entails – a world war ending in millions of casualties.

Essentially, the crisis is overtaking the family we call humanity. But if we heal the connection between us, we will resolve all existing manifestations of the crisis. It is our duty to awaken everyone to the fact that we must consider everybody’s welfare, all seven billion of us, and in return, find a life of peace, security, and happiness. The bottom line is that we must take responsibility for one another just as in a family and healthy ecosystem.


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  1. We all need to reach for a change. We need to yearn and work toward good life together. We all have the same goal – better, life, peace, security.

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