Skimping On Education Won’t Pay Off

In the News:

“Two-thirds of the young people in court [charged over the August riots in England] were classed as having some form of special educational need, compared to 21% for the national average. More than a third of young people who were involved in the riots had been excluded from school during 2009-10 – this compares with Department for Education records showing 6% exclusions for all Year…” (Source: BBC)

The situation in the U.S. is not much better. The consequences of saving on education are already being felt. The latest crisis is proving that those who stop investing in education may lose everythingThe new, global education is necessary for everybody, regardless of age, gender, and occupation – to learn about the new world, new social conditions, and the need for mutual responsibility among all members of society. Otherwise, we can lose everything!

Global (integrative) education implies studying the laws of nature, the laws of homeostasis, balance, and harmony. We need to explain and demonstrate to children and adults that we are all inter-connected, governed by the Law of Nature, and have to act accordingly.

To be a single organism, one whole, means to consider and accommodate each others’ interests. Otherwise, we will be receiving Nature’s blows until we finally realize that we have no choice but to unite. These lessons will force us to renounce our egoism; we will be willing to do anything to avoid suffering. But it could be achieved by a conscious choice, in joyful cooperation, if we accept and apply the principles of mutual responsibility to our lives.


Two Simple Steps

We need to come to an understanding that unity is the next stage in mankind’s development. Since we have already become one family, one nation, one system, where everyone is interdependent, there is no other choice but to accept this fact and treat it seriously. We need to observe and study the systems existing in Nature and introduce similar laws to regulate interrelationships between people, nations, and all of humanity.

If we ask scientists what an integrated system is, they will explain that we are all interdependent and that no one can make a move without moving the rest. Thus, it’s necessary to consider everyone’s interests without any exception. The first step is to not do to others what we wouldn’t want done to ourselves; and the second step is to correctly and effectively implement a system that’s based on the mutual responsibility.

Until we establish such an interconnection in our system, we will not be able to live well, securely, and worry-free. With each day, the broken mechanism of our interconnection becomes more and more apparent, which manifests in eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, global warming, and so on. This is why, on one hand, we must accept this integrative law as the Law, and on the other, we must reform the education system as soon as possible, explain the laws of our integrated world, why and how to follow them.

Millions of people are unemployed today, and more are facing losing a job if it is destructive to nature.  The military-industrial jobs and many other professions will dissolve, for they are break the balance and harmony the world is grounded on. Freed workers will have to become facilitators of new upbringing and education. As a result, everybody will have to take responsibility for all and vice versa.


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