Why Global Education?

Many people don’t understand how the failure of our education system can be due to lack of unity between us. In fact, what today is called “education” offers knowledge but does not foster development of a human being. Schools do not raise children to be happy, functional people but merely provide a certain amount of knowledge in math, history, physics, and various other subjects.

Society expects the education system to assist in raising a child; but, as a matter of fact, it hardly does the job. It is becoming increasingly clear from the results and from the subjects studied. How many lessons and class discussions are aimed at nurturing of a human being? Is there such a concern? Even when the educators care about this, their hands are tied by government regulations and conflicting parental demands. School curricula are filled with sciences and “humanities”, but we don’t seem to be able to figure out why we are having so many difficulties with our children. When they finish school, the problems intensify.

Today, schools produce workers trained to perform in various enterprises (be it an engineer or an auto mechanic). The task of education is to prepare a “unit” to take its place in the industry “pipeline.” Our boards of education are not measured on what kind of person one becomes or how he will live, nor do they have workable models on how to do this. This is because the education system doesn’t set a goal of raising a wholesome person, a human being.

The education system has never been aimed at that. The school as we see it today was invented for the purpose of teaching people who worked the land and raised cattle to read and write so that they could work with machines, understand basic laws of science, and follow instructions. Such was the foundation of the modern school and it remains today.

Now, we must move toward true “education” system, and this is something entirely new. It is not defined by how many and which classes a person has sat through. A human is one who is feels his connection with all others. Only this connection allows a person to be called a human being, not the amount of knowledge obtained.

If we succeed in gaining knowledge alone (let’s say in chemistry and physics), it will only assist in invention of harmful substances and deadly weapons, the knowledge received in school will be combined with the inflated egoism in the world. Our children learn how to use others with their newly acquired knowledge; this defines their success in life. An education determines only what profession one chooses and how much it pays. Is that education?

Education today determines what profession one ought to choose so it pays the most. Can this be called education? We need to design a new education system that will teach our children to be wholesome beings in the new, developing, global world; a system that will nurture rather than lecture them, and that will be teaching by examples of altruistic, equitable behavior.

If people see that there is a new system that offers true education for their children, they will immediately respond because the problem of education is obvious to everyone. Today people don’t even want to have children because they have nothing to give them. They would rather not bring them into this world of suffering and pain.

Therefore, we must realize that all problems in society and our personal lives are caused solely by a lack of connection between us.

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  1. We only need to look at the last 5 or 6 decades of education side by side with current social problems and we see the correlation. Especially in Public schools the lack of teacher training in inter-connected relationships, Global Inter-connected society both with the goal of Good for all and not self has resulted in the problems of today. Bulling, now a topic in the news about schools yet not about adults, Politicians, Governments, Culture vs culture is a result of looking out for myself to the detriment of others.
    Thank you for the article I will pass it on to all the people I can.


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