Welcome to MR

Whatever parachuted you on our website, you are here for a reason. And the reason is – you have been looking for us, it’s that simple! While you were searching, we have been patiently waiting and are now happy to welcome you on board of our Mutual Responsibility virtual cruiser that will take you “where no one has gone before”. And even if they have, we will sail you even further, to the discovery of answers you probably haven’t found somewhere else.

Our community is a reflection of the challenging and interesting times we are living in, the time of global socio-economic change and evolutionary ascent.  It offers abundant evidence that all crises occurring in our life, be it politics, economy, education, family, health, relationships, or self, are due to lack of interdependence,  caused by our individual and collective growing egoism and separation from others. We provide diverse scientific and psychological evidence that the only solution to these crises is in connecting on the human level and placing the interests of all above personal gain, applying the principle of mutual responsibility to our relations – where everyone’s interest is considered. We advocate unification of effort in creating an integrated society in the global world, the formation of which we are witnessing today as it emerges through and amidst global unrest. Our objective is to raise awareness of the necessity to merge our goals and aspirations into a common cause for a brighter future and become one wholesome organism, which, we believe, will make everyone and all of us feel safe, loved, and provided for. Such awareness is our next evolutionary step.

If you are here, you have already thought, seen, and felt something similar to what we have; yet, you might find a few novelties that will connect us to you even more. We seek likeminded individuals, families, groups, and communities who are willing and ready to apply conscious choice to how we are going to evolve from now on. If we wish to be the change we wish to see in the world, we must practice mutual responsibility in thought and deed, while learning about the new, integrated world we find ourselves in today.  Let’s connect and transform each other; and together, we will emerge as a new, global species – the Homo Spiritus.