About Us


Mutual Responsibility is a community and growing network of like-minded people determined to promote the value of mutual responsibility to the center of public discourse.

MR was founded  by “Humanity Integrated Co.” a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to developing, implementing, and promoting methods of integral education based on principles of mutual responsibility as the means for solving social, economic, environmental and other problems of the modern society.

We are convinced that only a shift in values holds the key to solving our challenges and is the foundation for a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable society in today’s interconnected world.

The Mutual Responsibility community has grown to become a diverse network of people from all walks of life, beyond any differences of race, creed or nationality.

There are many social organizations working across the globe. We welcome all of them and invite anyone who is concerned about the current situation  to sit together as equals and join a round table discourse on the important social change taking place these days.


Today’s world is at a crossroads. Economic instability, political failure, and social unrest are spreading through continents. In parallel, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent.

While interdependence is rapidly becoming a fact of life, our social values and way of thinking are still locked in the old, self-centered paradigm. The discord between interdependence, on the one hand, and self-centeredness, on the other hand, brings about crises in many areas of human engagement.

Therefore, sustainable solutions to the crises facing society today must entail more than laws and regulations. To adapt to the emerging conditions, we must create a new social environment that will allow us to embrace our mutual dependence, rather than repel it, and develop mutual responsibility that will become reflected in our culture, society, politics, economy, in every aspect of human life.


The Roundtable Live project – a discussion platform for a wide spectrum of socially conscious people: activists, scholars, artists, educators, public officials and everyday citizens. It is a model for how we can all sit around the table as equals and look for how to build a just, healthy and sustainable society.

The Roundtable Live events take place in various locations throughoutNorth Americaand are broadcast online at: mutualresponsibility.org/roundtable

Website and Virtual Environment – the Mutual Responsibility website (mutualresponsibility.org) and Facebook page (facebook.com/mutualresponsibility) are dynamically updated with clips, podcasts, and reading materials. They offer insights into the nature of the change we are going through as a society from the perspective of education, economics, science, culture and more.

We see the virtual environment as a viable alternative to mainstream media sources, and work to expand the Mutual Responsibility community online as a way to inspire social change.

Lectures & Courses – We develop lectures and study programs for communities and organizations interested in learning more about the principles of mutual responsibility, and how they can apply them in their day-to-day environment.


Phone: (732) 807-5409
E-mail: info@mutualresponsibility.org

Gil Shir Ph.Dc.
Educational Projects Managing Director