7 000 000 000

By Irinaru

Seven billion broken hearts,
Seven billion frightened minds,
Are you ready to leave behind
Hopeless futures and painful pasts?
How much longer will you survive
On the fuel of greed and hatred?
“Me” and “mine”, “for myself”, won’t make it
Round the corner on deadly drive.
There won’t be an up or down,
Close or far in this circled world
Hide in, run to, or buy for gold –
We are blood, skin, and soul bound.
There isn’t and won’t be gods,
Who will save us from our duty,
You can waste all your breath disputing
Who is better and who is worse,
While the forces above are laughing
At the petty and selfish thought –
Why should anyone give a squat
For mankind’s self-centered suffering?
All your charity, words of love –
False self-righteousness, deaf and blind,
When the key is just one – unite.
This one action will be enough!
Try to link every wish and need
To the wishes and needs of others,
Think of enemies as your brothers,
Then the world will be saved indeed!
Take the challenge of being Human,
Bring your cold and unwilling hand,
Lock it in with all other men,
You’ll inherit the Earth – a new one!


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  1. May I make use of your picture for my A Handshake for Peace initiative, adding my own text promoting the said initiative? Thank you.

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