Dear Son, How Was Your Day At School?

My dear son,
Did you & your friends learn about this at school today?

Did you learn that all kids have feelings just like you and that it is destructive to individually  compete against one another because you learn through that how to use everyone and thing throughout your life for the sake of your own benefit?

Did you learn and discuss that a third of the world’s population is dying from starvation, and that they don’t even have a glass of water to drink?

Did you learn & see examples of how to respect others’  opinions that are different from your own even if you don’t always agree on the same topic?

Did you learn that each and every one of you was born with a special talent?

Did you learn you how to perceive yourself & others objectively?

Did you learn about collective group creativity together?

Did you learn that there is more than one correct answer to a question?

Did you learn that your amazing capabilities  cannot be defined by a percentage rating on a piece of paper?

Did you learn that each and everyone of you has something special that only you can contribute in order to complete a balanced society?

Did you & your friends learn about this at school today?



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