Poem: Simple Truth

The truth is usually simple –
Why is it difficult to live?
If love is infinite to give,
Then why is unity unreal?
Why can’t we move beyond the words
And sharing on Facebook pages?
Why does this finite round world
Get packed in shopping square cages?
Hate, finger-pointing and spite
Rule over every good intention
Instead of change and self-correction,
We look for being “good” and right.
Is there sapience in us,
Or are we fear-driven primates?
We sing of peace, dream happy days,
While driving somebody bananas…
We’ve come a very lengthy way,
We’ve walked the round world TOGETHER,
We’ve played and learned from every game,
We outgrew our furs and feathers.
Now we are due to calculate
And draw some sapient conclusions:
To be recycled as primates
Or drop the “you ain’t me” illusion…

by Irene Rudnev

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