Side By Side – In Memory Of The Newtown Victims

As a response to the Newtown shooting, As One Song put together this song & music video within a few days after the shooting as a collaborative effort by people from different parts of the world affected by the Connecticut shooting. In the words of As One Song:

The global network of As One Song was shocked by the recent tragedy of the Newtown shooting. It opened our eyes to just how much violence there is around us, and how persistent are the effects of this violence on our children’s minds. We feel strongly that only by changing our environment—what we see on TV, what we hear on the radio, what we consume online, what surrounds our daily route from home to school—can we hope to raise a generation that rejects violence. No laws could ever substitute a fully inclusive loving attitude to all parts of our society – the loners, the outcasts, everyone. If we can show our kids more of that, if we could all participate in this, if we see this as the most important action we can take today, then we can promise our children a better year next year, a better life.”

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  1. During this period of grief following the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, it is important that we examine the cultural tastes and the fruits they bear. I hope that Mutual Responsibility finds numerous avenues to share this music video in the mainstream media. It’s time that we Americans say, “No More Violence!”

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